Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Blog Entry # 6 - Diversity in Today's schools

In the classroom I have been sitting in I have seen a few diversities in the classroom and the teacher handles it very well. There are children who obviously come from different/hard families, or who have some learning disabilities. There are small groups that she breaks them up into so that she can work with some students one on one. They also have workbooks that they can work in after she teaches them a short lesson. They do work on things as a class, but then break off separately. While they are doing individual work she walks around and helps anyone who may have questions or could be struggling.
   There was one student one day that didn't have her resource class for the day since the teacher was gone. I could see that this student was struggling with the math lesson since that's what she typically had extra help on. The teacher did go over particular things in the lesson one on one with her. Then she let her go and use resources in the classroom so she could work things out on her own. It was good to see how the teacher handled the situation by still giving her the extra help she needed but also allowed her to figure things out on her own.

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