Saturday, October 22, 2016

Blog Entry #5

           This semester I have been taking the Exceptional Students class as well. This has made me open my eyes and realize a lot of things in the classroom that is/can be accommodated to students with a disability, mental or physical. In the main classroom I have been observing in there has been a few students that leave certain subjects to go to the resource room. To be able to go into the resource room the student needs to have an IEP (individual education plan) done for them. This is done for them under the law Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The students are in the least restrictive environment by spending as much time in the general class room and going to the resource room for a special subject.
       There are some students in the classroom that I have helped and graded tests for that I knew that they had lower reading levels. The teacher has reading groups that she would meet with each day to work on their reading. It was good to see that she puts the students that are all on the same level together so they can work together to become better. She has different level books as well for each level that the students are on so they can work their way up.
       It is a great things that laws were passed for students so they cannot be left behind, and they have the best chance at an education that they can get. All students reserve the right to learn everything they can, and I can see that it is being enforced very well in the classroom I have been in.

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