Friday, September 23, 2016


I got to go and spend some time at the elementary school yesterday. I really enjoyed being in the classroom and seeing how a teacher can apply the things that we have been learning. The teacher that I worked with is very good at using a mixture of all learning preferences. She would writing things on the white board to give the students a visual. In this case, the subject was math, and she would have the students draw how many coins would add up 22. They had to do different options such as two dimes and two pennies. Next, she would tell the students a story problem for them to figure out. Example: Sally has 4 apples and Tommy has 6 apples, how many more apples does Tommy have than Sally? Lastly, she let the students work and figure out math problems by playing math games. I loved how without even realizing it each student was catered to with their individual learning preference.

As mentioned before this teacher in particular is really good about touching on each learning preference so all the students can grasp the idea in their own way. Once she lets the students begin on their own she walks around and give each student the help that they may possibly need. If they need additional help, then she had options for them to learn how they needed to. One girl in particular typically went to the resource room during math time, but the resource teach had been out for the day. So she obviously used visuals to help her, I could tell by the way she was using a chart to count as well as her fingers. I loved that I got to take the time to go out and see how to put the learning preferences to work in a classroom.

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