Friday, August 26, 2016

Blog Post #1

     The school that I have chosen to do my service learning at is Sierra Bonita Elementary School in Spanish Fork. I chose this school because I have a good friend that teaches an adorable class there and I have heard nothing but good things about the faculty, students and surrounding area.

      This school building is one that I pass almost everyday after picking up my daughter from daycare and heading into the middle of town to get my errands done. The school is very well kept. It always looks very clean and clear of anything that could be harmful or just displeasing to the eye. The time of day when I typically pass by is when students are going home for school. There are cross guards at every cross walk near the school, as well as someone manning the parking lot so drivers have an extra set of eyes out for kids that may be walking near a moving car. That is one thing that has always impressed me by Sierra Bonita is that just by driving by, I can tell that they care about the students by the way they keep them safe.

        The surrounding neighborhood is very clean as well. It is not considered a 'rich' part of town but it definitely isn't run down by any means. Within the past year the city did update sidewalks and repaint crosswalks so the area surrounding the school would be just as safe as leaving school grounds. I have seen many parents come to the school and either walk or bike with their child home, or come pick them up in the pick up area. You can tell that the community surrounding the school cares about the students just as much as the staff.

       My close friend that works at this school tells me constantly about how good her students are. There are always going to be 'those students' that are just tougher than the others, or moments where some kids are acting out, nevertheless she has told me endless stories of how much the students love their teachers and not only that, share with their parents how much they love their teachers.

      I have seen numerous times where students at Sierra Bonita have gone out of their way to make sure they know that their teacher is appreciated. Such as making cards, writing thank you notes, bringing in BEAUTIFUL flowers from recess, and asking their mom to throw a secret baby shower for their teacher. These kids are nothing but sweethearts and I'm so excited to be able to go in and experience how big their hearts and minds can be!

      I am beyond excited to be able to go and do my service learning in classrooms at this school. I understand that with doing this service learning I will be helping the teacher in the class room with clerical tasks, helping with classroom needs, and observing teacher/student interaction.

      I also understand that according to state law, everything regarding the students in the class and school is to be kept private. I will not come home and share names, stories, or give any information that shouldn't be shared. I will keep their identities confidential for their safety.

       I cannot wait to get into a class room and get a feel for how things are planned out and take place behind the scenes as well as how a teacher handles situations, good and bad, in a classroom. I am very excited to learn different ways to handle different situations and to see how the functionality of a class is set up. Sierra Bonita, here I come.

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